Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard

Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard 2.1

Free Word Excel Password Recovery finds out the password for Office documents

Free Word Excel Password Recovery Wizard is a free program that can find out the password for an Excel or Word document.
This way you will be able to access those protected documents and spreadsheets that you protected with a password that you have forgotten. This program can find out this password by using two different methods: Dictionary or Brute Force. The "Dictionary" method will check every word included onto a list. The program includes a list of commonly used passwords, but you can download lots of wordlists from the Internet, or create your own list by entering all the passwords that you often use. The Brute Force method, which takes much more time, will try every possible combination of letters. This free program will try up to 8 letters in a word.

This program is able to find out passwords for documents and spreadsheets saved under Office 97 to 2003. It will not work with versions 2007 and higher.

Free World Excel Password Recovery Wizard can be used in two languages: English or Russian.

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